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Covid-19 Update: We Are Shipping!

Spring 2020 has arrived! It's time to get out into the garden and begin the meditative task of growing something. Yet, we're all supposed to stay home. That's made gardening tough this year. To help, I'm offering a small variety of options that I hope will bring you joy this season and get your mind on more relaxing pursuits.

Ping photo

Potted Ping Covid Relief!

There's nothing more relaxing during these trying times than gardening, but not everyone has a yard. And even fewer of us want to head out to the shops. So here's a complete windowsill friendly package - 1 Mexican Pinguicula, pot, and soil - delivered to your door for $16.99

Better yet? These easy to grow Pinguicula 'John Rizzi' are happy to live on your windowsill and should flower in the next couple months

Sarracenia Seed photo

Sarracenia Seed Covid Relief!

Have more time on your hands and an interest in growing some native (or near native) carnivores from seed? I collected a host of Sarracenia seed last year from my bogs. I figured that I shouldn't be the only one to enjoy it.

$5 gets you a bag of 100-or-so seeds shipped to your door. You'll need some sphagnum peat moss and either perlite or sand for germinating, along with a dip in the fridge, but you probably have all those things.

Carnivore Soil photo

Carnivore Soil!

Alright, maybe I was a little hasty. Maybe you don't have any carnivore "soil." Well, good news, I have some extra!

$10 gets you a small, flat rate box of soil shipped to your door. $16.00 gets you a medium flat rate box of soil shipped to your door. $22 gets you soil, seeds, and pots!

Cultivating Carnivorous Plants photo

Cultivating Carnivorous Plants Spring 2020 Sale!

Still planning your carnivore garden or want some advice? Cultivating Carnivorous Plants is my guide to growing carnivorous plants! It is chockful of important information about cultivating carnivorous plants for both beginners and advanced growers. Plus, it contains hundreds of beautiful photographs of my favorite plants.

$34.99 $29.50

Free shipping to United States! (Email me for non-US shipping costs.)