About Natch Greyes' Carnivorous Plant Nursery


I decided to start this nursery as my collection outgrew my blog's sales page. It was designed, primarily, with the online purchaser in mind. As such, the focus is not on a physical establishment, but online connectivity.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and comments on the blog are all great ways to get in contact with me. If those fail, there's always the old fashioned email.

In real life, I'm an attorney in New Hampshire, but I enjoy collecting, photographing, learning about, and writing about all kinds of carnivorous plants. As a consequence, I've become a very active member of the New England Carnivorous Plant Society and have helped them connect with the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth to further those universities' educational missions and help them maintain their collections.

Additionally, I've written a short book about Darlingtonia, the California Cobra Lily, which I hope will be of help to those interested in its habitat, cultivation, and care. It's filled with everything that I know about Darlingtonia, and has quite a few photographs of the plant in the wild.

If you ever want to contact me to ask a question, ask for a blog post on a certain topic, or just to say hello, feel free to shoot me an email.