Epiphytic Utric Mix photo
Epiphytic Utric Mix
A mix of quality ingrediants designed to promote epiphytic Utricularia growth - 1 QT.
Heliamphora Mix photo
Heliamphora Mix
A carefully crafted blend of medias designed to create an airy mix that promotes Heliamphora growth - 1 QT.
Mexican Ping Mix photo
Mexican Pinguicula Mix
A special blend of media designed to give your Mexican Pings a great start - 1 QT.
Nepenthes Mix photo
Nepenthes Mix
A special blend of ingrediants suitable for most Nepenthes - 1 QT.
Standard CP Mix photo
Standard CP Mix
Sarrs, VFTs, 'Dews, and Terrestrial Utrics all thrive in this soil - 1 QT.
72-Hour Heat Pack photo
Heat Pack
72-Hours of Plant Protection to ensure your plants arrive alive during cold weather.